Hi There! I'm Chibuzo Uguru

I'm a Front-End Developer. I love coding, learning new technologies
and trying out new ways to convey delight through development.

Selected Works

Meetup Search

Role: Front-End Developer

HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, Meetup API, responsive web design, Sass

Meetup Search is simple way to search for meetup groups. Users can base their search on a particular zipcode if they choose to.

Teslim Alabi's Portfolio

Role: Front-End Developer

HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, JQUERY, repsonsive web design

Teslim Alabi, a UX Designer at Microsoft wanted a personal website that showcased his design work with a minimalist aesthetic. I coded a responsive website from scratch. The website was nominated for an Awwwards site of the day and has been featured on a few blogs.

Beam Budget

Role: Front-End Developer

HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, repsonsive web design

Beam is a budgeting app built in Javascript that accepts a user’s income and expenditure and calculates a value indicative of their financial health and then displays it visually using the Circles.js library.


Role: Front-End Developer

HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, API

Transactions is simple way of allowing a user to view all their transactions in a tabular layout.

Buzzy's Crossing

Role: Developer


Buzzy’s Crossing is an interactive, multilevel, single player game in which a player has to make it the other side of the road y avoiding getting hit by passing cars. It utilizes the Zim.JS library. (Works best with Firefox)